Turkish Artist born in 1969 in İstanbul. Graduated from Mimar Sinan University,Fine Arts,BA,Istanbul, Turkey in 1994.

Artist's style involves  abandoned places where melancholy combines with architectural representations and vast landscapes. Devoid of life, her paintings hold a middle ground between surrealism,abstraction and realism, between the past and the future..

Solo and Group exibitions:

2001 - Conrad Oteli Group Exibition/İstanbul

2002 - Gümüşsuyu / K.K.Kültür Merkezi Solo Exibition /İstanbul

2003 - Basın Müzesi Group Exibition/İstanbul

2003 - Oysa Beyoğlu /El Turko Sanat Galerisi Solo Exibition /İstanbul

2004 - El Turko Sanat Galerisi Group Exibition/İstanbul

2007 - Büyük Kulüp Solo Exibition /İstanbul

2008 - Polat Residence Solo Exibition /İstanbul

2011 - %100 Barış Ada Sanat  Group Exibition/İstanbul

2012-  Zaman Aşımı  Ada Sanat Group Exibition/İstanbul

2012 - Açılım Sergisi  Galeri Binyıl Group Exibition/İstanbul

2013 - Desertion / Galeri Binyıl Solo Exibition /İstanbul 

2013 - TÜYAP İstanbul/ Group Exibition/İstanbul

2013- Nuri İyem Art Competition Exibition/ Evin Sanat Galerisi / İstanbul

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